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Joy and Fear in the Studio: Welcome to My Blog!

I am often asked, "How many times do you break an egg?" or "How many times do you make mistakes?" Any professional in any career path will tell you that mistakes are made often. It is how the person handles the problem that separates the pro from the hobbyist or amateur.

A few days ago, I could seemingly do no right. Lines were crooked. Wrong color was filled in. Points were passed over. Melted wax was spilled on a shell (that is so rare it actually made me laugh). Erasing isn't really feasible in wax resist. Errors are either incorporated into the design or the artist starts over. So four times in a row, an artwork was tossed in the trash.

That is an investment of time, labor and resources. But experience has taught that it is more effective to move forward. The fear comes when you doubt your experience and knowledge, your skill and effectiveness. Anxiety can stall your ability to make a decision. Frustration mounts when you make one wrong choice after another until it becomes absolute anger and disgust, with no good quality work possible.

True joy is experienced, though, when you make those decisions in the process that satisfy both your brain and your gut. It's a tandem team and they are rarely on the same side! Your brain hates it, your gut loves it. Which side is right? Ask ten people, get ten answers. Well, ask better questions or wait until you can get your brain and guts to have a better conversation with each other. What happened with these four eggs in a row?

Duh. I have peripheral neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. I'm right handed so obviously it is worse in my dominant side. Ergonomics were all wrong. Once I fixed that, it was smooth sailing. But I had to screw up some nice work first to get to the correct question.

Refreshed from the "Good riddance" method, I produced some solid work and was able to go to bed. Eventually. Who wants to quit when you have solved a problem and have a bubble of joy inside? I didn't.

I hope to add to this blog regularly. If you have questions, send me an email or a DM on Instagram @jdomal and I will do my best to address the question.

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