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Silver and Gold Ostrich Pysanky is created using traditinal wax resist (batik), acid etching and application of real 24k Gold and Sterling Silver with a contemporary design. Each egg is handmade and uses regionally sourced eggs and beeswax. 24 K Gold and Sterling Silver is applied using shell gold and shell sterling silver with distilled water and a brush then burnished with an agate.


This ostrich pysanka has been lovingly created using a combination of old and new techniques. It is a contemporary design written on a creamy white ostrich shell. It is sealed with UV resistand crystal clear finish. Size will vary. Beeswax is locally sourced. Eggshells are locally sourced in season. When unavailable in the area, the farmer is known. 

Silver and Gold Ostrich Pysanky 04

  •  To ensure that your egg lasts for years, please display it in a locaiton away from direct sunlight, heat, or light bulbs. Dyes are light sensitive and can fade. It is a real egg and should be handled like a fine china or glass ornament. If dusting is required, wipe gently with a soft, damp dusting cloth.


    Display locations should be chosen with to prevent falls. 

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