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Collection of decorated eggs in colors red and black
Goose egg on artist's table with tools, beeswax and alcohol burner.
Artist holding decorated pheasant egg

​Have you heard about pysanky on a reel or TikTok and been curious?

Or maybe you did them with a relative or at school and would like to try again. Maybe you even took a class, have some supplies and want to learn a technique and need some help.


You found the right spot!


Let's find the right fit and get the beeswax flowing.

It's a funny name, I know. And we always have a LOT of fun. Jennifer Domal Studios will come to your home (within a certain driving distance of her studio) and facilitate a three hour event. She will send you an email in advance to help you get ready. This party is for groups of up to 12 people and for over 16 years old. Prior experience is not necessary. 


This choice is a great excuse to get family and friends together. It is a wonderful team building exercise! 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or need help with a new-to-you skill, having an encouraging person next to you while you learn helps. Gift Cards can be used to give someone you care about time with a professional working artist. 


Lesson lengths are typically one hour long and take place in the artist's studio in West Chester, PA. 

​Jennifer Domal is a certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania and is current on her clearances. She is delighted to do demonstrations of pysanky in STEM, STEAM, science, history, art and any other classes where appropriate. She gave her first demonstration at the request of her middle school history teacher in 6th grade and finds the conversations with children invigorating and uplifting. She prepares eggs in advance to demonstrate Boyle's Law, acid/base reactions and more.

Jennifer has had the honor of speaking for women's' groups, museums, clubs and schools. Most speaking engagements permit the privilege of bringing several art works to demonstrate range, style, and design. The topic can be tailored to the event, i.e., history of pysanky, personal artist statement and history, or contemporary versus traditional styles. 

Think you know what you want? Need more information? 

Go to the CONTACT page and drop me a line so we can find the best fit.

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